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I create live and digital interventions in museum spaces, designed to make collections more welcoming to under-represented audiences. From audioguides to festivals, and social proscribing projects to installations; I create experiences which bring galleries to life for all visitors, especially those who might feel that museums aren't for them. 



Between 2013 and 2015, I curated the Ashmolean Museum's LiveFriday series, after-hours festivals designed to welcome young people into the museum for the first time. Up to 6,000 visitors attended each of the 10 LiveFridays I ran. I commissioned dancers, writers, visual artists, composers and choreographers to create immersive experiences in the galleries, and worked closely with local community arts groups.


In 2017, I created two installations to bring to life Louis Kahn's famous staircases at the Yale University Art Gallery. In collaboration with designers Yaara Bar and Fred Kennedy, we transformed these spaces into human kaleidoscopes, inviting visitors to transform their movements through the museum into a live, interactive artwork.


Between 2021 and 23, I worked with the Ashmolean Museum to redesign their audioguides with a focus on more inclusive public engagement. I acted as consultant, content writer, and producer for three new audioguides, working closely with curators and community stakeholders. We explored objects through the lens of disability, queer identities, women's experiences, and histories of colonialism, migration and conflict.

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